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Ecklet stands for maximum transparency and security of transactions in investment and construction projects.

Evaluating partially formed projects or developing new ones, we comprehensively study the initial data of each of them, take into account technical and financial features and risk factors, as well as take into account their investment attractiveness, form a safe strategy for the phased development of the project.
Ecklet conducts financial and technical audits of projects in the field of qualified instruments and investment organizations. At the same time, we carry out an independent expert assessment of the current state of affairs in the planned project or facility with a certain degree of readiness for the declared financial and technical indicators, the capabilities of borrowers and project initiators, the cost of construction .
We are experts in the field of construction of industrial and civil facilities, we audit construction projects at different stages of their implementation:

  • during the selection and acquisition of a land plot
  • upon approval of the initial permits
  • during the period of design and survey work
  • in preparation for construction or in the active phase of construction
  • during commissioning
  • during the transfer of the object into operation

In the process of financial and technical audit, employees of our company perform:

  • Baseline analysis on the following issues:
rationality of the acquisition and the presence of encumbrances on the land plot planned for construction;
availability and accuracy of collection of initial permits;
economic efficiency of the project and regulatory compliance with the estimated cost;
composition and correctness of design and estimate documentation.

  • Budget analysis of a construction project in the areas:
targeted spending of investment funds;
excess of costs relative to the estimated cost;
observance of the financial and legal interests of investors;
excess of the project cost due to unaccounted for, additional or unfinished work.

  • Analysis of the project and technical parameters of the construction object:
compliance of the work performed with the delivered volumes according to the executive documentation;
achievement of high-quality project and volume indicators;
identification of the scope of work to eliminate deficiencies;
summary of completed and unfinished work.

  • Project-time analysis of the effectiveness of construction work.
Our main task in the implementation of DUE DILIGENCE investment objects in various areas of construction with a multifactor business check is to reduce the risks of clients interested in acquiring a share in investment and construction projects.
Financial DUE DILIGENCE:Ecklet provides several areas of due diligence in investment and construction projects:

verification of the legal activities of the organization.

  • Financial DUE DILIGENCE:
verification of financial indicators;
verification of fixed assets and assets;
checking accounts payable and receivable;
checking credit obligations.

  • Construction and technical DUE DILIGENCE:
quality control of the work performed;
checking the volume and cost of work performed;
verification of design and estimate documentation.

  • DUE DILIGENCE land plot:
checking the legal status of the land plot;
checking the parameters of the land plot development;
checking the possibility of implementing a construction project on a land plot;
verification of encumbrances or restrictions on the use of the land plot;
checking the purpose of the land plot and plans for the development of the territory.

The result of our check is a general conclusion with a register of identified risks, a list of recommendations and a description of ways to eliminate them. If the risks are critical or difficult to eliminate, we recommend canceling the deal.

Conducting DUE DILIGENCE helps to make informed decisions regarding entry into a construction or investment project and prevent financial losses due to ineffective interaction with counterparties.
Our company prepares a feasibility study for the project in the pre-project development and takes into account the production and technical aspects of the construction project, and also influences the decision-making on the implementation of this project in terms of economic and technical efficiency.
We carry out a feasibility study for various purposes:

  • Feasibility study of an investment and construction project
  • Feasibility study of the construction project
  • Feasibility study of the project of a manufacturing enterprise
  • Feasibility study of the project of reconstruction or renovation of the object
  • Feasibility study of the production and technical modernization project
Each feasibility study document contains information on planned costs and projected incomes, from which a conclusion is made about the effectiveness of investment investments and the timing of return on investments.

A feasibility study is often developed before the formation of a business plan and can become either a stand-alone document for assessing the effectiveness of capital expenditures, or a separate section included in a structured business plan.
We work on projects in different directions with an assessment of their competitive capabilities in terms of the economic potential and advantages of the location, we research the market and the prospects for its development, according to marketing analysis, we determine negative forecasts for the implementation of the project or indicate a growth point in the context of the adopted marketing strategy.

Based on the marketing research for the analysis of the location of the construction site, the analysis of the competitive zone, the analysis of demand and the availability of potential customers, the analysis of the limiting factors for the development of the investment project, our company draws up final reports with the conclusions of the research. We help clients to build a marketing strategy for the development and promotion of the final product.
Ecklet specialists, in defense of promising investment construction projects, an auxiliary system of preparatory measures, professionally carry out business planning with further registration of the material in a document that is significant for investors.
In the process of building a business plan in an investment and construction project, step-by-step actions for the implementation of this project with a detailed economic content are determined.

In the process of building a business plan in an investment and construction project, step-by-step actions for the implementation of this project with a detailed economic content are determined.
contacting Ecklet
defining the goals and objectives of the project
Analysis of initial data
understanding the complexity, scope of work, deadlines
individual conditions for the project
Approval of the proposal
acceptance of jointly agreed terms
signing a contract
performance of work according to established schedules
obtaining the required result according to the planned conditions
Ecklet develops partnerships with the client