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Ecklet provides the customer with comprehensive control over construction performance indicators: quality, time and cost.

The main goal of the construction engineering activities is to ensure a stable balance between the formed budget, the stated deadlines and guaranteed quality.

We work out in detail the physical processes of construction in a simulation model and graphs, compare the actual results of the work performed with the plan, and give an objective assessment of the current state of affairs. This makes it possible to promptly respond to deviations from the project and solve related problems.
We organize construction control at industrial and civil facilities in order to carry out verification procedures for compliance budgets, design solutions, terms, volumes and quality of construction at a separate production site.
The scope of control parameters is quite high, the degree of responsibility is maximum. Therefore, highly professional engineers with extensive experience in complex construction are involved in this work - from the beginning of planning to putting the facility into operation.
What does construction control consist of?

1. Quality control:

  • Incoming inspection of working documentation, materials and structures
  • Operational control over the construction work with the help of geodetic and laboratory services
  • Acceptance control upon completion of certain stages of construction and engineering work
  • Verification of executive documentation

2. Monitoring compliance with deadlines:

  • Analysis of work performed, comparison of control points of the production schedule with planned indicators

3. Cost control:

  • Checking the budget in design estimates and contractual documentation
  • Checking the amount of work required for payment for compliance with design estimates
  • Determination of excesses in the cost of certain types of work, exaggerated rates of costs
  • Comparison and accounting of accepted and paid works
  • Reservation of funds for elimination of defects and execution of work in progress

At the site, technical supervision of the construction progress is carried out on a daily basis, official reports on construction control and instructions for the elimination of comments are formed.

Construction control effect - reduction of construction costs up to 20%
We carry out financial and technical supervision of construction projects in various market sectors during the period of design work, supply and construction. We generate detailed reports on the quality of work performed using investment funds.
The complex of measures of financial and technical supervision ensures precise control over the observance of indicators on schedule with a certain quality of work and materials. All work is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the customer and regulatory legal acts.

Basic functions of financial and technical supervision:

  • analysis of invoices for payment for work performed
  • assessment of the quality of work performed by the contractor for payment
  • assessment of the cost of work and materials of contractors in relation to market prices
  • verification of compliance with the quality of supplies and preservation of the project cost of delivery items
  • analysis of the need for and the cost of additional work arising in production
  • verification analysis of construction schedules and their compliance
  • verification of compliance with contractual conditions during design and construction work

We optimize the investor's costs by tracking all stages of the project implementation, involve receipts in management elements, identify project risks and formulate measures to reduce them.

According to the ACFE, when implementing construction projects, the cost overrun of investors reaches 45%.
We professionally advise customers on the construction of facilities at any stage of their readiness and deviations from design solutions, we minimize investment risks.
Construction and technical consulting is a set of interrelated analytical measures that determine the state and quality of a construction project throughout all periods: from the stage of design and estimate consulting to the commissioning of an object, regardless of the scale of construction.
We divide construction consulting into the following areas: construction audit and technical expertise.

Construction audit consists of a number of verification procedures aimed at assessing the organization of design and construction work, design and technical documentation, the technical condition of the property, the compliance of the completed design and estimate documentation and legal acts.

Construction and technical expertise includes the parameters of design and estimate documentation and the requirements of engineering and technical documentation and regulations, as well as regulatory legal acts. In the course of the examination, measures were taken to analyze the quality and volume of construction work performed, the feasibility of using engineering and technological solutions, and the targeted spending of funds. The causes of the emergency or the cost of damage are established.
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