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The basic Ecklet company's development strategy in the construction market is aimed at supporting the status of a reliable partner, contractor and responsible performance of their duties and responsibilities in the civil and industrial construction industry.

We systematically, from object to object, strengthen our competence in the management of construction processes, using effective systems and achieving the highest quality results in the project. We carry out contracting activities on the territory of several cities and countries independently and with the involvement of qualified partners. When implementing construction, we supply objects with mechanization, equipment, materials and labor resources in full.
Ecklet is actively involved in the implementation of full cycle contracts, is comprehensively responsible for the design, supply, construction, commissioning and commissioning of the facility.
We offer investors the most reliable and convenient form of interaction, in which responsibility for the quality, timing and performance of work lies with one contractor, according to the «one window» principle.

We highlight the main advantages of an EPC contract for our clients:

  • Reducing project implementation time due to parallel design processes, construction supplies
  • A single contract for the entire cycle of work with one contractor
  • Reducing risks in deviation from the planned indicators of the project
  • Reducing the risk of failure to meet project deadlines
  • Comprehensive warranty obligations for the entire project
  • Optimization of project implementation costs
We are participating in the role of a general contractor for investment projects for the construction of logistics and industrial facilities.
We organize and coordinate the processes of interaction of all services responsible for technical support, supply, production and labor protection at the facility.

We carry out a full cycle of construction work from site preparation to putting the facility into operation.
At the stage of design development, our company is engaged in the optimization of production facilities, warehouse and office buildings.
Ecklet has the necessary competencies, equipment and resources to carry out the installation of Light Steel Structures from international and local suppliers, provides construction processes with verification measures at the stages of assembling frames, braces, fencing and roof structures.
Ecklet is involved in the construction of diverse projects, where monolithic concrete works based on design solutions and tasks.
Monolithic reinforced concrete is the most common and reliable capital structure. We carry out these works using traditional methods using modern rigging and equipment. We develop technological regulations separately for unique projects, we also use standardized proven methods of performing and monitoring monolithic works. On our own or with the involvement of trusted partners, we carry out all operations for the construction of reinforced concrete structures: formwork preparation, reinforcement, concrete pouring, technological care of concrete, coating of concrete surfaces with special compositions.

We build buildings using combined precast-monolithic systems.

The general structure, as a rule, includes the basic elements: the base, the supporting frame and the enclosing walls. They generally support standard linear and can define geometrically complex building architectures.
We design, complete and erect objects of monolithic construction using advanced technology of reinforced concrete post-tension, fixing a positive economic effect.
Post-tension of a reinforced concrete structure is effectively applied, subject to a large over-consumption of concrete and steel, to ensure the required rigidity and bearing capacity. The technology contributes to a positive change in the geometric parameters of the frame:

  • increase in column spacing by 1.5 times
  • construction of cantilever elements up to 6.5 meters long without additional reinforcement, up to 10 meters with additional reinforcement
  • reduction of floor thickness up to 15 cm

Reinforced concrete post-tension technology allows to reduce the total weight of buildings by up to 40% due to a significant reduction in the costs of reinforcing steel and concrete in structures, while there is a reduction in construction costs by up to 30%.
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